What is DistroKid? Review, Pricing, Plans, and Registration Guide


“Which music distribution service should I use?”

Is that what you’re thinking as you read this article? Well, we’ve got you covered. Today, we’re introducing you to DistroKid, a music distribution service that allows you to distribute multiple songs for a low annual fee. This service is artist-friendly, with a 100% revenue return rate. Plus, revenue sharing is possible, so even if multiple people are credited, you can discuss and distribute revenue equally in advance.

Now, it’s worth noting that while DistroKid is affordable and recommended for the aspect of distributing multiple songs, it may fall short in terms of other tools and services compared to its competitors. Additionally, adding extra features may increase the cost, so be mindful of that.

In this article, we will review DistroKid, detailing its pros and cons, specifications, and related services you should be aware of. So, make sure to use this article as a reference guide.

1. What is DistroKid?

DistroKid is a music distribution service based in the United States. Its biggest feature is the ability to distribute unlimited music, whether it’s a single or an album, as long as the annual fee is paid. The annual fee is also cheaper compared to competitors for albums. DistroKid covers major platforms for distribution and all revenue is returned to the artist.

DistroKid Overview(Plan&Fee, and Rate of Return)

Management CompanyDistroKid
  1. Musician – $22.99/yr
    (In case of registering a single artist or band)
  2. Musician Plus – $39.99/yr
    (In case of registering two artists or bands)
    Several options have been added.
  3. Label plans – $89.99/yr
    Several options have been added.

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Rate of Return100%

If you want to distribute your music cheaply, my personal recommendation is “Musician”. If you want to use additional tools, “Musician Plus” is a good choice. However, “Musician Plus” is not much different from other platforms in terms of service and content, so it may be worth considering other options as well.


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Plan 1: Musician – $22.99/yr

  • Upload unlimited songs
  • Upload unlimited lyrics
  • Spotify verified checkmark
  • Collect earnings from splits

DistroKid’s most affordable option at $22.99 per year, applicable only for a single artist or band. Unlimited music distribution is possible!

Plan 2: Musician Plus – $39.99/yr

For $39.99 per year, this plan can be used by up to 2 artists or bands. First, it includes everything in “Musician.” In addition, the following options are available:

  • Synced lyrics for Instagram
  • Daily streaming stats
  • Customizable label name
  • Customizable release date
  • Customizable preorder date
  • Customizable iTunes pricing
  • 2 artists or bands

Plan 3: Label – $89.99/yr

For an annual fee of $89.99, you can use Musician Plus options for 5 to 100 artists or bands. This plan is primarily aimed at labels, but it may also be a good option for those with multiple band communities. The options are the same as those offered in the Musician Plus plan.

List of music streaming services for distribution

  • Spotify
  • Apple Music
  • iTunes
  • Instagram & Facebook
  • TikTok, Resso & Luna
  • YouTube Music
  • Amazon.com
  • Soundtrack by Twitch
  • Pandora
  • Deezer
  • iHeartRadio
  • ClaroMusica
  • Saavn
  • Anghami
  • KKBox
  • Boomplay
  • Snapchat
  • NetEase
  • Tencent(QQ Music / Kugou Music / Kuwo Music / WeSing)
  • Pretzel
  • TouchTunes
  • Audiomack
  • Yandex Music
  • Qobuz
  • Joox
  • Kuack Media Group

According to information from the official website, you can also distribute your music to MediaNet, which includes stores and streaming services other than the ones mentioned above.

2. Benefits of using DistroKid

DistroKid has the following benefits:

  1. Unlimited distribution for a yearly fee
  2. 100% royalty rate
  3. Payment splitting feature
  4. Easily integrate with Spotify for Artists and Apple Music for Artists

(1) Unlimited distribution for a yearly fee

With DistroKid, for a yearly fee of at least $22.99, you can distribute as many singles or albums as you want. The $22.99 fee is much cheaper than the album distribution rate of other music distributors, making it a great choice for those who want to distribute a lot of music at a low cost.

(2) 100% royalty rate

Another great thing about DistroKid is that the artist receives a 100% royalty rate. With other platforms, not all of the revenue generated from distribution is paid back to the artist. DistroKid’s low cost, unlimited distribution and 100% royalty rate make it a very attractive option.

(3) Payment splitting feature

It is important to decide on the distribution of royalties in advance, especially when multiple creators, such as a band, are involved. The payment splitting feature allows you to distribute revenue according to the pre-decided allocation, providing peace of mind.

(4) Easily integrate with Spotify for Artists and Apple Music for Artists

DistroKid collaborates with the world’s largest streaming services, Spotify and Apple Music, allowing artists to easily set up their profiles, including artist photos, through Spotify for Artists and Apple Music for Artists.


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3. DistroKid’s Disadvantages

While it’s true that DistroKid allows you to distribute your music at a low cost, there are some points to be aware of.

To take full advantage of the service, you need to upgrade to Musician Plus or higher, or pay for additional options. In other words, to broaden the entry point, they offer some additional options for a fee. To use the following services, you need to upgrade to Musician Plus ($39.99 per year).

  • Synced lyrics for Instagram
  • Daily streaming stats
  • Customizable label name
  • Customizable release date
  • Customizable preorder date
  • Customizable iTunes pricing

In particular, I think it’s a clear disadvantage that you can’t set the release date for your music without upgrading to the Musician Plus plan. This feature is generally included in other platforms. Additionally, there are additional options, such as

YouTube Monetization ($4.95/year for singles or $14.95/year for albums + 20% of YouTube ad revenue)

It is a service where the advertising revenue generated from the use of your music on YouTube is returned to you. Through the Content ID database, it detects if your music is being used anywhere on YouTube. The service fee ranges from $4.95 to $14.95 per year, and an additional 20% of the revenue is collected by DistroKid.

Store Maximizer ($7.95/year)

When DistroKid adds support for a new streaming service, it can automatically deliver your music to that new distribution channel. An additional fee of $7.95 per year is required.

Discovery Pack ($0.99/year per song)

It allows people who hear your single playing on the radio, TV, stores, restaurants, parties, etc., to easily identify the single. The Discovery Pack includes new music recognition-based platforms such as Shazam, iPhone Siri, ACRCloud, Jaxsta, Gracenote, MRC, and more.

Leave a Legacy ($29 per single / $49 per album with two or more tracks)

By adding Leave a Legacy, your releases will not be removed even if your membership payment expires. If you unsubscribe, the releases added to Leave a Legacy will remain on stores and streaming services.

There are also additional options such as Cover Song License ($12/year per song), Tidal Master ($8.99 per single / $17.99 per album with two or more tracks), Social Phone ($12.99/month), Dolby Atmos ($26.99 per song), Loudness Normalization ($2.99 per track), and more.

For more information on additional plans, please refer to this link.

4. Registration and Payment Methods

DistroKid allows for easy registration in the following 3 steps:

STEP 1. Sign Up


Enter your email address, password, and re-enter the password to sign up. You can also sign up instantly using your Google, Apple, or Facebook account without entering this information.

STEP 2. Choose a Plan


Select a plan from the following options:

  • Musician (for registering 1 artist or band): $22.99
  • Musician Plus (for registering 2 artists or bands): $39.99
  • Label (for registering 5 to 100 artists or bands): $89.99

STEP 3. Enter Payment Method


Finally, select a payment method from Apple Pay or Credit Card (Mastercard/Visa/AMEX/Discover), enter the required information, and complete the process.


DistroKid is a platform for affordable and unlimited music distribution with a fantastic 100% revenue share. However, it gives the impression of cutting corners to keep costs low and not providing all the necessary features for musicians. If you want to take advantage of statistical tools and more, you’ll need to upgrade to Musician Plus or higher for an additional cost. It’s an excellent choice for those who want to distribute music inexpensively and extensively, but if you’re looking for a platform with more comprehensive options, it may be worth paying a little extra. I hope this article has been helpful.


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